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Root Canals

Gentle Root Canal Treatment in Arden-Arcade, Sacramento

At Arden Executive Dental, our goal is to protect your health and wellness, and to quickly alleviate any discomfort that dental problems can create. With root canal therapy in Sacramento, we can efficiently treat painful, infected teeth to minimize the need for extraction and allow you to preserve a functional, healthy, comfortable smile.


Gentle Root Canals in Sacramento

During root canal therapy, the damaged portions of teeth and the infected tissue within the inner chambers of teeth are removed, so that your tooth as a whole is healthier and does not need to be removed to ensure that other teeth in your smile are not damaged. Though root canals can intimidate some patients, many fail to realize that when the nerves and tissue inside teeth, called the pulp or dentin, are infected they are often “dead” -- or unable to transmit sensations of pain.

Dr. Amini practices gentle root canal therapy by thoroughly numbing the area around your tooth before beginning treatment. The most uncomfortable part of having an infected tooth is the infection itself -- root canals actually relieve pain and promote patient comfort.

Restoring Infected Teeth for Health, Beauty, and Function

We use specialized, rotary endodontic tools to thoroughly treat your teeth and precisely target all root canal systems to reduce the likelihood of re-infection and additional damage. Once the source of your tooth infection has been addressed, Dr. Amini will seal your tooth with a special material that helps to reinforce tooth structure from the inside out.

The root canal process also includes placing a tooth-colored dental crown, so that your once-damaged tooth looks healthy and strong. No one will have to know you had a root canal performed and you will be able to bite, eat, and chew without pain or sensitivity.

Root Canal Re-Treatments and Alternatives

In the event that a previous root canal did not properly protect your tooth from secondary infection, Dr. Amini can perform simple root canal re-treatment, by going through tooth systems again to remove any additional bacteria. While the need for a second root canal is rare, we are able to take another chance at saving your natural teeth with retreatment.

Your first and best choice against tooth infection in a root canal, as nothing replaces your natural tooth entirely. However, if a tooth has been so compromised that it must be removed, and cannot be preserved through a root canal, Arden Executive dental office tooth extraction and replacement with a variety of prosthesis, including long-lasting dental implants.

If you have a painful or infected tooth, seek care immediately. Call our dental office for more information about root canal treatment in Sacramento or to speak to a member of our team.