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Emergency Dentist in Arden-Arcade, Sacramento

When you need same-day treatment for a dental emergency in Sacramento, contact Dr. Amini at Arden Executive Dental at (916) 481-4051. Our emergency dental services help get patients out of pain and allow them to access the care they need, as soon as they need it. Whether you have a broken tooth or dental prosthetic, or you’re experiencing bothersome dental pain, we are here to help.


Same-Day Treatment for Dental Emergencies in Sacramento

Arden Executive Dental treats many of the most commonly experienced emergency dental problems, such as:

If you have severe tooth pain, call our office immediately for care from our emergency dentist as soon as possible. For patients with compromised and infected teeth, Dr. Amini can provide a partial same-day root canal, where medication is placed within the tooth to alleviate pain and discomfort until your full root canal can be scheduled. In the case of a dental infection that has spread beyond the roots of teeth, Dr. Amini can also treatment dental abscesses to avoid further damaging bone, teeth, and soft tissue.

As an emergency dental office, we understand how important it is to improve patient comfort right away and provide additional care to restore the appearance and strength of damaged teeth. Emergency treatment can also include aesthetic repairs, however, as Dr. Amini can provide dental bonding in one appointment to correct chipped and fractured teeth.

Restoring your Smile after Tooth Extraction, Decay, and Infection

Patients that are recommended emergency root canals to treat tooth pain are provided with a tooth-colored dental crown to fully restore a compromised tooth. In the event that a tooth must be pulled to alleviate dental issues, Dr. Amini can make your smile whole again with dental implants and a full selection of implant-supported prosthetics.

For patients with broken bridges, dentures, or other prosthetics, we make every effort to fix your restorations in-office. In cases of more comprehensive damage, we can sent your prosthetic to our dental lab for efficient repair.

Weekend Emergency Dental Care – Contact Arden Executive Dental

Our Sacramento emergency dentist makes herself available to patients whenever a dental emergency arises. For immediate care for a painful dental problem, call our office at (916) 481-4051.